Presbyterian Action for Faith and Freedom is an IRD committee that defends and promotes biblical values within the Presbyterian Church (USA). We monitor denominational agencies and meetings, speaking out for the many Presbyterians who feel excluded by the dominant activist circles of the left.

Presbyterian Action believes that the most powerful political message the church can deliver is simply the gospel of Jesus Christ, not any partisan agenda. Thus, we encourage a social witness that is more clearly centered on basic biblical teachings, more consistently derived from an open process, and more fully expressed in action in the lives of 2.3 million Presbyterians.

We believe that church pronouncements about partisan political issues should be made rarely, tentatively, and with respect for others who reach different conclusions about the best means of pursuing the principles of the Gospel. Debates should be open and orderly, information should be freely available, and power should be widely distributed.

Presbyterian Action challenges social witness statements and programs that represent only the partisan political views of a narrow segment of the church. We suggest ways to more closely reflect the teachings of Scripture, the input of church members, and the outcome of a fair democratic process.

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