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“A Think Tank With Firepower”
– Time Magazine

Find out why The Institute on Religion and Democracy has been called an agenda setter and a resource that should be on every religion reporter’s radar.

Expert Voices on:

  • The fight for religious liberty and human rights
  • Traditionalist/Revisionist struggles in the mainline churches
  • Evangelicals and the intersection of faith and public life

The Institute on Religion & Democracy has a team of experienced experts in their fields of study.  We provide published authors who have been following the main line denominations for over twenty years.  If you are looking for insight on the break up of the Episcopal Church or what is happening at the General Convention for the United Methodist Church or if you are pondering the difference between the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. (PCUSA) and the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) we have the answers for you.

We have experts that have testified before the United States Senate on the Global Warming debate.  We have experts in the areas of immigration, religious freedom, Israel and the Sudan.

IRD is a source for you.  We have the experts.  We have the soundbites.

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