The School of Methodism

Event start date

February 9, 2024

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Join leading scholars for this two-day event to explore our history as Wesleyans, what we believe, how we read scripture, what it means to live out our faith, and how our lives are shaped and formed by the worship of God.

The School of Methodism is designed to equip participants in five areas:

  • History
  • Theology
  • Scripture
  • Ethics
  • Worship

We will dive into the riches of the Wesleyan movement and engage the question of what it means to be a Wesleyan today, not only how we might think like Methodists but how we might live faithfully as disciples of Jesus Christ.

All presentations are aimed at a broad audience.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Kenneth J. Collins, Professor of Historical Theology and Wesley Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Ryan N. Danker, Founding Director, The John Wesley Institute
  • Dr. Joy J. Moore, Professor of Biblical Preaching, Luther Seminary
  • Dr. Suzanne Nicholson, Professor of New Testament, Asbury University
  • Dr. Jonathan Powers, Assistant Professor of Worship Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

Our time together will include teaching, fellowship and worship.

Please join us for this exciting event! Registration is $25 and includes lunch on Saturday. All are welcome.