The Anglicanism vs. Polarization Conference

Event start date

October 20, 2023

On October 20 – 21 The John Wesley Insitute will host the Anglicanism vs. Polarization Conference.

The Anglicanism vs. Polarization Conference brings together an international roster of scholars and church leaders to explore the idea that Anglicanism as a theological, ecclesiastical, and in many cases an established presence has a unique approach to public discourse, built on the foundations of the via media or the “middle way.”

In an age of division and polarization, Anglicanism offers a theology, a history, and practices meant to provide necessary unity in the midst of deep division and disagreement. From the English Reformation, the Revolution of 1688, the existence of various “streams” within Anglicanism, and even the Church of England’s “mutual flourishing,” diversity within unity has been and continues to be a hallmark of Anglicanism. But can this Anglican approach speak to the public square?

The cost of attendance is $30 ($15 for currently-enrolled students). Those interested in attending can find more information here.