Resolved: Israel Is Strong Because It Is Homogeneous

Event start date

June 20, 2023

Cohosted with Braver Angels and the Philos Project, The Institute on Religion and Democracy is inviting you to attend a foreign policy debate on June 20 on the following topic: “Resolved: Israel Is Strong Because It Is Homogeneous.” Come to hear various perspectives on the topic, and perhaps even share your own thoughts! As always, attendees are encouraged to bring guests, and there will be time before and after the debate for networking. There will be a reception before the debate at 6:00 PM ET where refreshments will be served, and the debate itself will start at 6:30 PM ET at 1023 15th St NW, Ste #200, Washington, DC 20005.

If you would like to attend this event, you can email for more information. We hope you can join us!

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