Anglican Action promotes orthodox social witness, teaching, and practice within the Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion. We labor for an effective Anglican witness to Christ in our nation and our world—a witness grounded in Scripture, rooted in tradition, and informed by reason. That witness has been marred by conflict arising partially from left-leaning social and political stances. For example, a recent denomination-wide survey revealed that nearly half of all Episcopal parishes reported “moderate” to “very serious” conflict over the Episcopal Church’s “inclusive” actions on homosexuality taken at its 2003 General Convention. Such stances often take root in the soil of a “progressive” theology that downplays or denies the authority of Scripture and disregards traditional Anglican theology. Consequently, thousands of Anglicans—in some cases, entire parishes—have left the Episcopal Church.

Anglican Action wholeheartedly believes that a healthy Church engaged in observing the Great Commandment and obeying the Great Commission will have positive effects that ripple throughout society. We also know that ill health in one part of the body of Christ affects the entire body. Consequently, we strive to help faithful Anglicans find new and better patterns of social witness, whether in the Episcopal Church or in the larger Anglican Communion.

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