Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the website for the Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD). Since 1981 we have been a unique Christian voice for democracy, human rights, and religious freedom for all people. In our early years, IRD responded to prominent church groups touting Marxist regimes and movements as Christian solidarity with the poor while silent about Marxist persecution of religion. Today, threats to democracy and religious freedom are even more pervasive.

America’s democracy needs strong, vibrant churches. Such churches must guard their historic doctrines, proclaim the Gospel, disciple believers, assist the needy, and teach broad principles for a better society without becoming narrowly political. Our unity as Christians is based on our shared faith, not positions on secular legislation.

In America’s increasingly post-denominational religious reality, IRD works to strengthen historic Protestant and Catholic teachings. Denominations institutionally matter less and less. But what the great Christian traditions taught must be preserved and perpetuated, for the benefit of all society.

IRD’s New Whiggery program promotes transcendent principles of ordered liberty. Our Providence magazine offers Christian Realist analysis about global statecraft and national security. In Defense of Christians advocates for overseas persecuted churches. Our John Wesley Institute offers theological formation. Our campus outreach sends scholars of political theology to Christian colleges and seminaries.

Our office in downtown Washington, DC, just blocks from the White House, every week hosts events for the public around our commitment to democracy, human rights, and religious freedom for all people. You can register for invites here.

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We are grateful for your support.

Mark Tooley
Institute on Religion and Democracy