UM Action

A newsletter for United Methodists working for Scripture-based reform in the denomination.

General Conference Redirects UMC To Historic, Wesleyan Orthodoxy

June 2016

All Tied Up? A Report from United Methodist General Conference

June 2016

‘Reconciling’ Caucus Promotes LGBTQ+ Indoctrination in United Methodist Vacation ‘Bible School, Sunday Schools

June 2016

Where Hijab-Wearing Wheaton Prof Went Wrong

March 2016

United Methodist-Supported Abortion Coalition Vows to Continue Ignoring UMC Position

December 2016

Disobedience Movement Update

September 2015

UMC Lobbyists Trivialize Unborn HumanLife

June 2015

Liberal UMC Officials Whitewash North Korea's Brutal Oppression

December 2014

Anti-Israel Activists Claim Victory with UMC Pensions Agency

September 2014

UMW Hosts Hillary Clinton While Alienating Most UM Women

June 2014