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Wide Support for Protocol Split Continues

Summer 2021

Genereal Conference Delayed Again

Spring 2021

'Waiting Is Just Not Good Enough Anymore' - Several Liberal Congregations Leave UMC

January 2021

UMC Leaders Across Spectrum Announce ‘Protocol’ to Split United Methodism

April 2020

UM Schools Embrace Islam, Unitarian Universalism

November 2019

Some Liberal United Methodist Conferences, Leaders Explore Leaving the UMC

October 2019

General Conference Rejects Same-Sex Marriage, Strengthens Accountability

April 2019

Comparing the Plans Before the 2019 General Conference

February 2019

GOOD NEWS: Fastest Growing Large UMC Congregations Remain Concentrated Among Evangelical Pastors, Conservative Regions

December 2018

Support the Traditional Plan, as Revised

September 2018