UM Action

A newsletter for United Methodists working for Scripture-based reform in the denomination.

Support the Traditional Plan, as Revised

September 2018

Across-the-Board Traditionalist Victories

June 2018

Fastest-Growing United Methodist Megachurches Dominated by Evangelical Pastors

January 2018

United Methodist Agencies Mark Father’s Day by Defending Abortion, Obamacare

September 2017

Commission Considers Power Grab to Shift UMC Power Away from Africa, U.S. South

August 2017

Action Needed on UMC Constitutional Amendments

June 2017

Post-General Conference, UMW Doubles Down on Sexual Revolution

March 2017

The Decline Issue

Christmas 2015

New Room Conference Breathes Fresh Life into the Church

March 2017

America's Largest Seminaries

September 2016

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