Commission Considers Power Grab to Shift UMC Power Away from Africa, U.S. South

August 2017

What's Inside?

  • GOOD NEWS: Judicial Council Victories Help Bring Accountability 2
  • Lesbian ‘Bishop’ Turned Down by Judicial Council, Loses Clout, Helps Bring ‘FINANCIAL CRISIS’ to Liberal United Methodism 3
  • GOOD NEWS: Leading LGBTQ Activist Admits UMC Unlikely to Liberalize on Homosexuality, as Leading UMC Theologian Proposes ‘Mexit’ for Dissenters 4
  • UMC Lobby Office Sustained by Spirituality of Godless Earth Prayer and ‘Vegan Gluten-Free’ Chocolate Chip Communion cookies 5
  • Northern Illinois Commissions UMC’s First ‘Non-Binary Gendered’ Clergy 6

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