Planned Giving

IRD’s Legacy League

The Legacy League is a group of partners who have remembered the IRD in their estates through a bequest. As part of this league, even if you do not have the discretionary income to send regular support, we will continue to update you with the information that is important to you.

We recognize that many of our donors life situations are changing, and we trust that the Legacy League will bless our faithful partners as well as benefit the organization’s mission in the coming years.

Consider This Actual Situation
Jack and Jennifer contacted us about supporting the IRD through their estate. They were reviewing a will they created years earlier, specifying directives for their children’s care and directing funds to be left to their denomination. They realized they no longer felt comfortable about how the denomination would use their money, saying that they would likely roll over in their graves. So they re-drew their will and specified a bequest to the IRD instead.


Do I really need a will?
Yes, you do not need a large estate to benefit from having a will, but over half of Americans die without one. This leaves the state to decide where your assets go and that may not reflect your actual intentions. Planning ahead may allow you to avoid unnecessary taxation and direct more of your assets to those you want to receive them.

Who benefits from the Legacy League?
IRD benefits by knowing that even when our faithful partners are called home to the Lord, you will bless us with additional resources to continue this important work.

You benefit by both knowing that your legacy will include making a meaningful gift to this ministry. And, even if you don’t have the discretionary income to send support today, you will still receive all the latest news from the IRD.

Is there a minimum donation to join the Legacy League?
While all gifts are appreciated, IRD requests a minimum donation of $1,000 to the IRD in your bequest. You could direct:

  1. a specified amount, (i.e. $15,000)
  2. a portion of your estate, (i.e. 12%)
  3. specific property, (i.e. a home or jewelry)

Where does my support go?
Since we don’t know how much or the timing of support, we prefer donations to be unrestricted. Donations will go toward special projects—like hosting a conference or securing a permanent home—that can benefit the organization for many years to come.

Contact the IRD office if you want to support a program, such as UMAction, so we can assist in crafting appropriate language.

What language should I include to make sure my intentions are followed?
Below is sample language though we recommend consulting a lawyer for legal advice:

I hereby give, devise and bequeath to the Institute on Religion and Democracy, in Washington, DC—Federal Tax ID: 52-1265221—the (amount, percentage of my estate, the following property) for its unrestricted use and purpose to further its charitable purposes.