Dr. Ryan Danker

Dr. Ryan Danker

Director of The John Wesley Institute

Dr. Ryan N. Danker was named the Director of the John Wesley Institute in October 2021. Danker is an author, historian, and Wesley scholar committed to the Wesleyan vision. He has degrees from Northwest Nazarene University, Duke University, and Boston University. His doctoral research, overseen by David Hempton and Karen Westerfield Tucker, ultimately became his first monograph, Wesley and the Anglicans: Political Division in Early Evangelicalism (IVP Academic, 2016). Danker edited Exploring a Wesleyan Political Theology (GBHEM, 2019) and he co-edited The Next Methodism (Seedbed, 2022). Danker is currently finishing a monograph on the context of the Evangelical Revival and the Wesley brothers’ ministry in eighteenth-century Britain. He has published articles in the Wesleyan Theological Journal, the Proceedings of the Charles Wesley SocietyMethodist Review, and Wesleyan and Methodist Studies. His popular work has appeared in The Living ChurchNew Directions, and Firebrand Magazine where he is also an assistant editor. Danker has extensive work in ecumenical efforts having served on the United Methodist-Roman Catholic Dialogue and now serving on the Steering Committee of the Wesleyan Holiness Connection. Danker has served on the faculty of Greensboro College and Wesley Theological Seminary. He has taught at Trinity School for Ministry and Virginia Theological Seminary. He lives in Arlington, Virginia.


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