John Lomperis

John Lomperis

United Methodist Director

John Lomperis is IRD’s United Methodist Director. God first brought John to IRD in 2004 to serve as a Research Assistant. Since that time, he was promoted to Research Associate, temporarily left IRD to earn a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School, wrote his master’s thesis on Wesleyan spirituality among present-day United Methodists and Nazarenes, and came back to serve as Legislative Coordinator for the 2012 General Conference efforts of the United Methodist Renewal and Reform Coalition. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from the University of Chicago, and devoted much of both his undergraduate and graduate studies to tracing the rise of theological liberalism within American Methodism. His articles have been published by the Washington Post, the Christian Post, Good News magazine,, National Right to Life News,, and The American Spectator.

John has been a member of the United Methodist Church since his confirmation as a teenager. Through the various geographical chapters of his life, he has been active in United Methodist congregations in four jurisdictions, and has served on the pastoral staff of two United Methodist congregations. He was elected to serve as a delegate from the Indiana Conference to the 2016, 2019, and 2020 sessions of General Conference, the United Methodist Church’s highest rule-making body. He is married to his best friend.


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