Ed Stewart

Ed Stewart

Ed Stewart is the Senior Partner at Prism Group, a public affairs firm serving U.S. and international clients in Washington, DC. and London. A veteran of both the Washington and global arenas, Ed Stewart has represented the interests of major corporations, international businesses, trade associations and sovereign governments.

Within the U.S., Ed’s principal areas of work have been foreign affairs, trade, labor, food, retail, appropriations, judiciary and federal tax issues. He specializes in assembling and managing inter-disciplinary teams and coalition partners that blend legislative, political, message, media and third-party experts to effectively influence the policy-making process at the highest levels.

He has collaborated with Congress, the Executive Branch and foreign leaders on international policy issues, and has spent considerable time in some of the most challenging political environments in the world. Ed’s global experience has centered on complex international issues, such as major free trade agreements, treaties and other international accords. In addition to successfully defeating legislation regarding bilateral economic economic sanctions affecting U.S. exporters, he has also devised and executed a multi-year lobbying campaign to enact a bilateral treaty. He has been involved in multinational legal cases involving corporations and sovereign governments, represented governments on international border disputes, worked on developing a client’s posture on UN-sponsored peace talks, and helped clients understand the political and policy dynamics of foreign governments and leaders.

Ed is a United Methodist by background and currently attends an Anglican church in Northern Virginia.