We monitor the rising Evangelical Left. Popular culture often gets it wrong, especially when it comes to religion. Today, there is a dangerous trend within evangelicalism to root theology in a “progressive” teaching that ignores the authority of Scripture and absolute truths. Liberal evangelicals are not only sidestepping unholy practices like abortion and so-called gay “marriage,” but they are sometimes accommodating them. We attend church meetings, seminars, and conferences sponsored by leading liberal evangelical organizations and report our findings in secular and religious news outlets.

We unmask the “social justice” disguise. The Evangelical Left often confuses God’s Kingdom with unlimited Big Government and a constantly expanding regulatory and social welfare, entitlement state. They also commonly confuse peace with appeasement of regimes and movements that oppose human rights. We affirm that Christian living starts with transformation through the saving grace of Jesus Christ, pursuing truth in Scripture, caring for the orphan, the widow, and the sex trafficked victim while also behaving morally in accordance with the the Word of God. An informed Christian social witness seeks not utopia through coercive government but prudential justice through a healthy civil society based on law and liberty for all.

We equip the next generation of evangelicals. Young evangelicals are scrambling to find acceptance and adoration in a broken world. Meanwhile, the Evangelical Left encourages millennials to be “tolerant” of liberal ideology instead of adhering to God’s supreme commandments. We know that for evangelicalism to thrive, the next generation must be unwavering in their stand for Jesus Christ. We equip young evangelicals with commentary and resources based on Scripture, historic Christian teaching and social science that specifically address the challenges confronting millennials in a culture increasingly adverse to truth and love.

We encourage Christians’ renewed participation in public policy. A.W. Tozer reminds the church that, “We are sent to bless the world, but never are we told to compromise with it.” We believe that the church must stand for what God commands His followers to do and unapologetically spread the message about Jesus Christ. We urge evangelical churches to be a beacon of hope to a broken society and stand firm on the Biblical principles upon which stable democracies are founded. We wholeheartedly believe that if Christians disengage from public policy, we risk losing our religious liberties. If we lose our liberty of conscience, then we lose everything.

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