Marc LiVecche

Marc LiVecche

Just war and global statecraft scholar

Marc LiVecche is IRD’s just war and global statecraft scholar. He is also managing editor of IRD’s foreign policy and national security journal, Providence.

Marc is from Hyde Park, Illinois, where he completed his PhD in theological and political ethics at the University of Chicago. At Chicago, Marc worked under the supervision of the political theorist Jean Bethke Elshtain until her death in August, 2013. His dissertation, entitled With Malice Toward None: The Moral Ground for Killing in War, takes a classic just war view of the question of killing in its theological and ethical dimensions in part as a response to the crisis of moral injury.

Prior to his work in Chicago, Marc completed an MA in theology at Wheaton College and, before that, spent twelve years doing a variety of things in Central Europe—including leading seminars on ethics onsite at the former Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration camp in Poland, an experience that allowed him to continue his undergraduate study of the Shoah; a study which helped permanently inoculate him against pacifism.


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