Dr. Ira Gallaway

Dr. Ira Gallaway


Dr. Ira Gallaway, a retired United Methodist minister, was a founding director of the Institute on Religion and Democracy. Gallaway served as a member of the executive committee of the World Methodist Council; chairman of the board of the Mission Society for United Methodists; and chairman of the Asbury Theological Seminary board of trustees. He authored several books, including Drifted AstrayThe Kingdom Teachings of Jesus, and Teachings of the Apostle Paul on Human Relationships.

In 2000, Gallaway was elected to serve as the chairman of the steering committee for the Coalition for United Methodist Accountability (CUMA), a joint project of three church reform groups working within United Methodism—the Confessing Movement, Good News, and the IRD. CUMA seeks “doctrinal, fiscal, and procedural accountability in the life of the United Methodist Church.”

Gallaway passed away in March of 2015.