Today millions of followers of Christ suffer brutal persecution. But much of the Western church has been unaware of or apathetic toward the plight of their fellow believers around the world.

IRD is a voice for Christians persecuted in Marxist/Stalinist regimes like North Korea, China, Vietnam, and Cuba, as well as in Islamist controlled or influential nations. We shine a light on the abuse of Christians in countries such as India, Nepal, and Russia, where religion and nationalism are closely related.

But the global church faces a unique, agenda-driven persecution from radical Islam. For over ten years, IRD's religious liberty program has had a special focus on Sudan, drafting resolutions for church conventions, working closely with Members of Congress, partnering with the Church in Sudan, and joining with other organizations to expose the jihad against all who stand against the Islamist regime.

Today the worldwide community faces danger such as it has never known before. Radical Islamists are waging a war of violent terrorism, causing chaos and intimidation across the globe. In our writing and speaking, IRD’s Religious Liberty Program highlights the connection between the situation of Christians in the Islamic world and the effect and influence of global jihad/radical Islam on Western civilization in order to both support our brothers and sisters in their ongoing struggle and to learn from their experience.

We connect U.S. Christians and churches with their international partners through our religious liberty work, fostering reasoned, effective social witness on Christian persecution and other human rights issues.

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