Providence | The Struggle for Order

Event start date

May 4, 2022

On May 4 at 6pm Providence will host Patrick O. Cohrs, Department of Political and Social Sciences at University of Florence, to discuss his new book: The New Atlantic Order.

Join us as we welcome Patrick O. Cohrs, Professor of International History at the University of Florence, in discussing his recently released book, The New Atlantic Order: The Transformation of International Politics,1860-1933 . This magisterial new history elucidates a momentous transformation process that changed the world: the struggle to create, for the first time, a modern Atlantic order in the long twentieth century (1860–2020). Placing it in a broader historical and global context, Patrick O. Cohrs reinterprets the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 as the original attempt to supersede the Eurocentric ‘world order’ of the age of imperialism and found a more legitimate peace system – a system that could not yet be global but had to be essentially transatlantic. Yet he also sheds new light on why, despite remarkable learning-processes, it proved impossible to forge a durable Atlantic peace after a First World War that became the long twentieth century’s cathartic catastrophe. In a broader perspective this ground-breaking study shows what a decisive impact this epochal struggle has had not only for modern conceptions of peace, collective security and an integrative, rule-based international order but also for formative ideas of self-determination, liberal-democratic government and the West.

The event will begin at The Institute on Religion and Democracy at 6:30 PM ET, and food will be served at 6:00 PM ET. We hope to see you there! For any and all queries, contact Collin Bastian at

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