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Dr. Thomas C. OdenThomas C. Oden is professor emeritus at Drew University, Madison, NJ, currently serving as the General Editor of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture. He is the author of Systematic Theology and most recently Turning Around the Mainline and How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind (www.earlyafricanchristianity.com).

To read Dr. Oden’s interview about the influence of Marxist theology with the Acton Institute, click here.

Recent Books by Dr. Thomas C. Oden

classic christianityClassic Christianity: A Systematic Theology

For the first time, Thomas Oden’s Systematic Theology classic series (individually titled The Living God, The Word of Life, and Life in the Spirit) is available in one complete volume. A renowned theologian, Oden provides a consensus view of the Christian faith, delving deeply into ancient Christian tradition and bringing to the contemporary church the best wisdom from its past. In this magisterial work, Oden tackles the central questions of Christian belief and the nature of the trinity.

how africa shaped the christian mindHow Africa Shaped the Christian Mind: Rediscovering the African Seedbed of Western Christianity

Theologian Thomas C. Oden offers a portrait that challenges prevailing notions of the intellectual development of Christianity from its early roots to its modern expressions. The pattern, he suggests, is not from North to South from Europe to Africa, but the other way around.



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