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Providence Magazine

Addressing national security and global statecraft through the lens of historic Christian thinking.

Juicy Ecumenism

Smart commentary on today's issues, Juicy Ecumenism is the official blog of the Institute on Religion & Democracy.

UM Action

A newsletter for United Methodists working for Scripture-based reform in the denomination.

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Pat Robertson: Icon of Post-Denominational America

June 9, 2023

Mark Tooley

Michigan Bill: Teach America’s Christian Foundations

June 8, 2023

Jason Chahyadi

Christ’s ‘Queer’ Resurrection?

June 7, 2023

Josiah Hasbrouck

“Two Corinthians” – Religious Populism in the West

June 9, 2023

Jeffrey Cimmino

Russia and China at Once — Part II: We Must Increase Defense Spending

June 8, 2023

Marc LiVecche

<strong><u>Reckoning with </u><em><u>Colonialism</u></em></strong>

June 7, 2023

Mike Coté

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