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We seek to reform our denomination’s institutional approach to social and political issues to be more restrained, nuanced, non-partisan, and thoughtfully grounded in biblical and historic Christian teachings, in the spirit of the “On Humility, Politics, and Christian Unity” resolution. This statement of principles was written by UM Action’s current director, John Lomperis, and overwhelmingly adopted by the 2008 General Conference of the United Methodist Church.

UM Action is accountable to its Steering Committee and Advisory Board, both of which are entirely composed of faithful clergy and lay members of the United Methodist Church. For 2013-2014, this UM Action leadership consists of:

Sara Anderson, Jane Bonner, William Bonner, Dixie Brewster, Janice Crouse, Rev. Dan Fuller, Betsy Kersey, Gerald Kersey, J. Robert Ladd, Charles Miller, Rev. Martin Nicholas, Jim Ottjes, Leo Scholl, William Smallwood, David Stanley, Jean Leu Stanley, and Helen Rhea Stumbo.

Karl Baumgardner, Rev. Karen Booth, Rev. Riley Case, Rev. Ken Collins, Rev. Walter Fenton, Rev. Ira Gallaway, Rev. Tom Oden, Rev. Bob Parrott, Rev. Edmund Robb, T. Terrell Sessums, Faye Short, John Stumbo, Glen Spann, Rev. Donald Wildmon.

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